Tate Modern Twitter?

Unbelievably, Tate Modern does not have a Twitter account. I learnt this after an unfortunate incident occured last Friday. Having struggled all the way up to the sixth floor to enjoy a pre Boetti/Kusama coffee in the Members’ Room, the fire alarm went off. Naturally, I was reluctant to leave. This is the view from the south-facing terrace.

The staff did a great job in evacuating the building. Everything went smoothly and we we were out within five minutes of the alarm sounding. Whilst waiting to get back in again, I thought it would be a good idea to tweet that the building was temporarily closed and express my thanks to the staff. It was at this moment that I learnt that there is no @TateModern account. Quite astonishing that the fifth most visited museum in the world is not on Twitter. There is an official @Tate account

but it is not solely devoted to Tate Modern. It tweets about exhibitions, events and artists from Tate Britain, Liverpool and St Ives. It doesn’t even seem to tweet at weekends.

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