Yammer (verb): to talk volubly and loudly

‘No social networking at work’ policies might soon prove counterproductive as an increasing number of organisations are embracing Yammer – the enterprise social software.

The tool is designed to improve the efficiency of communication and the spreading of a company’s ethos. This is especially useful within organisations where departments or branches are scattered across various locations. After all, if artefacts travel from city to city, why wouldn’t ideas?

Yammer has taken social networking to the next level, with both Facebook-style interactions and Twitter-like following options. Updated statuses and related comments appear on the Ticker screen. This has the benefit of avoiding duplicated replies (à la email). On top of that, the familiar ‘like’ option indicates how popular any given idea is among colleagues.

‘No social networking’ policies are beginning to be subverted and replaced with encouragement to share as much as possible.

p.s. Yammer has just acquired OneDrum.

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