Twitter accounts run by animals

Which museum first handed their Twitter account over to an animal? Whoever it was, they were pioneers in the field. Because there are now an abundance of them.

Oisin (pronounced ‘o-sheen’) rules the roost in Warwickshire. He is a Giant Irish Deer who lives in the Market Hall Museum in Warwick. Although officially extinct, Oisin is very much alive and kicking on Twitter @OisinTheDeer.

The Museum of Old and New Art’s Twitter is run by the MONA Monkey and it’s thoroughly entertaining. They’ve also got a cracking website and highly entertaining blog. @monamuseum


The Natural History Museum Dublin has its very own tweeting Giraffe, Spotticus. @SpotticusNH is very chatty.


The Museum of Hartlepool has the cute cartoon character @YuffyMOH.

Thanks to @JackShoulder for pointing out that @GlassJarOfMoles proudly resides at the Grant Museum.* The highly esteemed Haslemere Educational Museum is lucky to have Siberian @Arthur_the_bear as their mascot. At the Natural History Museum in London, a 20 tonne Diplodocus Carnegii looks after proceedings. @NHM_Dippy is 150, 000, 107 years young.

bearDippy-at-NHM-LondonThere’s also a whale on the ceiling of the Natural History Museum in New York City. @NatHistoryWhale

The Horniman Museum have their very own celebrity Walrus. Need we say more? @HornimanWalrus


Getting a bit niche now. Cornwall’s St Agnes Museum have a leatherback turtle. @stagnesturtle

Special mention must also go to @kidsinmuseums who celebrated their 10th Birthday at the Royal Academy last night. Their Twitter account, which is run by the prolific @MarDixon, features a beautiful Quentin Blake illustration of a mammoth.

Did I miss any out? Let me know @davementi


+ Update: Courtesy of @jennifuchs we have A list of tweeting museum objects, animals and other mascots. And more on #MuseumMascots on Social Media.

+ By popular demand, we have added the Postal Museum‘s very own @OWNEYtheDOG to the list.

*Thanks also to @ShapaBegum, @steveslack, @tonybutler1 and @AboutLondon for pointers!

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