London #MuseumMarathon

Do you like museums, walking and London? Then come and join us for the Museum Marathon!

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Tickets now available! – Donations to the Museum Marathon Just Giving page really appreciated, raising money for Guide Dogs UK.

If you would like to advertise Museum Marathon at your workplace, you can download and print this PDF which has details of the event.

The route plan has been (Semi) finalised. It’s open to edits so do let us know if you would like to change anything:

Stage one (V&A Museum to Household Cavalry), Stage two (Household Cavalry to British Museum), Stage three (British Museum to British Library), Stage four (British Library to Courtauld Gallery), Stage five (Courtauld Gallery to Museum of Immigration and Diversity), Stage six (Museum of Immigration and Diversity to Shakespeare’s Globe).

We’re planning to walk to 26 different museums during the day of 7th December. Every time we reach a museum, we’ll take a quick snap to prove we’ve been there before heading to the next one. It’ll be non-stop walking, and talking, museums. Make sure you’ve got a comfy pair of trainers and are able to keep up with the pace – we’d describe ourselves as medium-high paced walkers.

What’s it all for? Apart from being good fun and an exciting challenge, we’re doing it to raise money for an amazing charity – Guide Dogs UK. I know personally what a difference a guide dog can make to someone who is visually impaired. Guide dogs enable people to do things many of us take for granted – cross the road safely, walk down a busy street, get on the bus to go to work, or go shopping. Guide dogs give back people who are visually impaired their independence. They are also great pub companions, crazy about going for ‘free runs’ in the park and enjoy sitting on sofas when they know they shouldn’t!


So if you’d like to take part in the Museum Marathon, we’d really appreciate donations to our Guide Dogs UK Just Giving page. The money will go towards training a guide dog. The cost of a guide dog from birth to retirement is around £50,000. Of course, we understand you might also want to take part in Museum Marathon but raise sponsorship money for a charity that is close to your heart – we’re totally fine with that. But if you need any more convincing about how great Guide Dogs UK are, who by the way receive no government funding, here are some cute photos of puppy guide dogs in training.

What’s the plan? The plan is to start in Exhibition Road at 10am on Saturday 7th December. We’ll wind our way across London taking in sights including Whitehall, Covent Garden, St Paul’s Cathedral, Brick Lane and the Southbank. Can you guess the 26 museums we’ll be visiting? At the time of writing this, the route is approximately 16 miles. We’re aiming to be finished by 6pm so that we can go for a well-earned pint or two in the evening!

What do you think? Are you up for the challenge? @davidmentiply #MuseumMarathon

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