Night at the museum: late nights in London art museums

by  La Fée Culturelle @lafeeculturell who blogs at

Can’t go visit museums during the day and find them too crowded on weekends? Me too! Below are the late night openings of art museums in London, every day of the week (well, except Monday and Sunday). Enjoy!


British Library –> 8pm
Sir John Soane’s Museum, first Tuesday of each month (lit by candlelight!)

Camden Arts Centre –> 9pm
South London Gallery –> 9pm

Hayward Gallery –> 8pm
Barbican, art gallery –> 9pm
ICA, exhibitions –> 9pm
National Portrait Gallery –> 9pm
Whitechapel Gallery –> 9pm
Courtauld Gallery, one Thursday a month –> 9pm

Hayward Gallery –> 8pm
British Museum –> 8.30pm
Barbican, art gallery –> 9pm
National Gallery –> 9pm
National Portrait Gallery –> 9pm
Royal Academy –> 10pm
Tate Modern –> 10pm
V&A –> 10pm
Tate Britain, bi-monthly –> 10pm
South London Gallery, last of the month –> 9pm

Tate Modern –> 10pm


Other late view
Guildhall Art Gallery

Any more late nights to add?

night at the museum

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