The pre-fab museum (micro review)

Micro-review by Katharine Alston @art_e_facts

The Prefab Museum is a pop-up exhibition in South East London, in a real prefab, one of 186 soon to be demolished on the Excalibur Estate, Catford.

prefab museum

These council houses were built after Second World War to help overcome the housing shortage, built for returning troops and those who had lost their homes in the bombing.

prefab museum catford

They were built to last 10 years but ended up providing family homes for nearly 70 years.


These modern, new 2 bedroom houses had immersion heaters, indoor bathrooms..


…. refrigerators and spacious gardens.

catford prefabs

An unheard of luxury for many!

Before the estate is demolished you can visit the Prefab Museum, a pop-up exhibition curated by Elizabeth Blanchet, bringing different artists together who all share her fascination with prefabs and the communities who live in them. The exhibition includes photographs, drawings, installations, film, and memorabilia, all celebrating life in a prefab.

The exhibition runs until the end of May. This micro-review was originally posted on Art-e-facts.

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