#DigitalRevolution @BarbicanCentre micro-review

The Curve gallery at the Barbican Centre has been transformed into an immersive installation of all things digital, including video games, space crafts and electronic music.

The first part of the exhibit was a digital graveyard. Ancient machines sat there looking sad, with labels attached to them explaining what they were. Because the majority of visitors were born when the WWW was already a thing.


Somewhere in the middle of the Curve, people played Mario Bros and The Simms. I sat in a room and played real vintage video games. Trying to figure out how to use them was more difficult than using an iPad, despite the technological simplicity of the former and complexity of the latter.

The Pit (one of the galleries) served as a dark and hazy playground where people danced around with laser lights.

I also took a proper #museumselfie to prove I was there – I’m the one on the far left:


Although I didn’t understand some of the tech language behind the show and I’m not really into video games, #digitalrevolution was a real DIY exhibition, which is what I liked about it the most.

by Agnieszka Karch @5minutelanguage

When … 3 July – 14 September 2014

How much … £12.50



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